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Programmer Analyst - Java/J2EE
Princeton, NJ
OPX2 developer
Collegeville, PA
Sr Developer
Collegeville, PA
Career Development

        Performance Based Pay - We link a part of the pay to performance, so that everyone has a chance to maximize their compensation and a reason to contribute their best.
        Reward & Recognition - At CSI we have periodic Rewards & Recognition programs as well as spot incentives. We acknowledge and felicitate all those who have made exceptional contributions.

Health & Well-being
        Medical Insurance - CSI attempts to ensure the well-being of not only their employees but also their dependents. Insurance is provided for hospitalization of employees & dependent family members through ESI or other arrangements.
        Accidental Insurance - All employees are covered under accidental insurance in unfortunate circumstances & mishaps that result in disability.

Other Perquisites:
        Membership to health clubs
        Overseas leisure travel
        Holiday specials include paid vacation to prime destinations

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